Saturday, August 7, 2010


Art trade with my friend Nissy, and she wanted her and her bf.
He reminds me a bit of JD from Scrubs!
Art trade for my friend Kate, and she wanted me to draw us. xD
I'm on the right, bleh.
Professor Umbridge from A Very Potter Sequel. Hahaaa.
Got a super kick outta her, she is so hilarious.
What a bunch of sleaze-balls. A bunch of corny nut-heads. 
I've been drawing him quite a lot lately, probably using imperio on me.
Pfft! What a slag, don't you think, eh? Yep- no doubt.


  1. i love your style! your umbridge is amazing! i love AVPS soo much because of umbridge especially her solo song "stutter"

  2. Thanks so much, I am very glad. An you're like the first person to comment on my art! xD AVPS is amazing, and yes. Umbridge really does make the play! Hahaha. Woooo!